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Building a Private Gateway between the Real World and Crypto: Three Use Cases

This is a link to an article written on the official Mina Protocol website by Evan Shapiro. It gives real real world examples of how Mina could be used.

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01 / End-to-End Data Privacy: From Online to On-chain

A Snapp connects to the source website and produces a proof about data on that website (essentially leveraging Mina’s permissionless web oracles, see below). The proof reveals only the fact (e.g., the user’s credit score passes the threshold), not the data itself. The Snapp shares the proof with the Mina network and then sends the verified proof to the counterparty via an encrypted transaction.

02 / Permissionless Web Oracles

Snapps interact with HTTPS to create proofs verifying that the data was on the site’s server at a specific time.

03 / One Private Internet Login

Users create Snapp-based login accounts on Mina using their email. The Snapp proves to the website that the user owns the underlying email — without ever revealing the actual address. Using Snapps on top of accounts makes private cross-app interoperability and private facts possible.

Read for the full article here >

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