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Staking as a Service | Illuminate:Genesis Summit

In this session, staking experts, Luke Youngblood and Zaki Manian have a conversation about staking as a service and the dynamics of blockchain protocol communities.
🔦 Featuring 🔦
Luke Youngblood – CEO & Founder, Blockscale
Zaki Manian – Principal Co-Founder, Iqlusion

What is Illuminate?
Illuminate is a free virtual event that took place on March 28th, 2021, and which celebrated Mina’s mainnet launch and exciting protocol milestones. Participants heard from a range of blockchain experts, industry leaders, and community members about Genesis and the road ahead. The one-day event featured panels and sessions on Mina’s use cases, advancements in zk-SNARKs, Staking-as-a-Service, industry insights and so much more. Illuminate is also a big thank-you to Mina’s vibrant community, who have made incredible contributions to the network over the past two years.

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