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Mina Coinlist ICO Comparisons – 17th July 2021

Unless you were lucky enough to be a founding member or early investor, the first chance most people had to get their hands on Mina was through an ICO on the trading platform Coinlist. Coinlist have carved out a reputation as the place to go to for ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) and I thought it would be interesting to have a look at how Mina has fared compared to some of the other ICO’s Coinlist has done in the last 12 months or so.

Demand for Mina at the ICO was huge and over 375,000 people registered their interest to purchase $1000 (4000 coins). As a result of the interest the maximum purchase amount was reduced in to $500 in order double the amount of potential holders and from the 375,000 registered, 45,000 were able to purchase 2000 Mina raising $18,750,000 in the process. The rapid sellout time made MINA the most oversubscribed token sold on CoinList at the time.

Below is a chart produced by Amu from the unofficial Mina Telegram channel (very well run by @moody) that compares all the recent Coinlist ICO’s. Many thanks to him for his hard work! We will try and update the figures as the newer coins make their way onto the exhanges in future posts. Subscribe to our Mina newsletter to get all the good stuff. Table correct as of 17th July 2021. Please note if you are looking at this table on a mobile device you will need to select horizontal view.

ICO DateTokenSale Option(s)Settlement PriceROI as of (17/07/21)Genesis FD @ Settlement PriceRaised on Coinlist
24/03/20SolanoAuction$.022X 122.1$110,000,000$1,760,000
12/05/20Celo GoldAuction$1.00X 2.4$1,000,000,000$10,000,000
02/10/20FlowCommunity Sale$0.10X 151.2$125,000,000$18,750,000
Auction$0.38X 39.8$475.000,000
23/03/21CasperOption 1$0.015X 6.6$150,000,000$32,000,000
Option 2$0.02X 5$200,000,000
Option 3$0.03X 3.3$300,000,000
01/04/21RallyLiquid Token Sale$0.60X 0.8$9,000,000,000$24,000,000
13/04/21MinaCommunity Sale$0.25X 4.4$250,000,000$18,750,000
20/04/21CloverCommunity Round$0.20X 9.3$200,000,000$46,395,494
Round 2$0.29X 6.4$290,000,000
Round 3$0.35X 5.3$350,000,000
Round 4$0.20X 9.3$200,000,000
29/04/21CovalentOption 1$0.35X 1.1$350,000,000$10,075,000
Option 2$0.30X 1.2$300,000,000
Option 3$0.25X 1.5$250,000,000
Whitelist Option$0.125X 2.9$125,000,000
26/05/21CentrifugeOption 1$0.55X 1.6$233,750,000$19,040,000
Option 2$0.38X 2.3$161,500,000
Whitelist Option$0.38X 2.3$161,500,000
02/06/21VegaOption 1$5.00$324,998,615$54,750,000
Option 2$10.00$649,997,230
Option 3$15.00$974,995,845
Whitelist Option$5.00$324,998,615
14/06/21SwarmOption 1$1.92X 2.9$136,067,701$9,933,953
17/06/21HumanOption 1$0.50$500,000,000$65,000,000
Option 2$0.75$750,000,000
08/07/21QredoOption 1$0.50$500,000,000
Option 2$0.225$225,000,000$17,250,000

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