A Mina Minute: Moody from the unofficial Mina Telegram Channel

Mina Protocol Community

One of the many great things about Mina is the Community behind the project and in the coming weeks and months, we will be getting to know some of the names and faces that help to inform, educate and promote Mina and the Mina Foundation’s values across the world.

First up is Moody. His unofficial Mina Telegram Channel is always a popular place to discuss the current developments and news. Unlike the official Telegram Mina Protocol channel, price talk is allowed and you will always find a good selection of fudders, hodlers and moonboys ready to shoot the breeze.

What is the hardest thing about running the channel, are people generally well-behaved?

In the channel, I can honestly say we barely ban any real Mina community members. Most of the time it’s banning bots that post spam links in our channel. Apart from that we rarely ever had any incidents where we felt we needed to ban someone. I personally don’t like to use that term and enjoy resorting to other methods to defuse a situation like engaging in a healthy dialogue to see why a fellow mina member is behaving the way they are. I feel this has resulted in much better endings than just straight-up banning someone.

Where are you based and how long have you been interested in Crypto?

I am currently based in Amsterdam and will be moving to Aruba in August! When it comes to Crypto, I have been interested in the topic for about 5 years. At the time I was living in Lebanon and could not really get much into it because cryptocurrency is banned in Lebanon. Even though I could not invest in it, I was fascinated by the blockchain technology and many projects around.
I really started actively participating in crypto 2 years ago when I moved from Lebanon to Amsterdam. Around that time, I started out just like everyone else in the crypto world, curious to invest and see more about what it is about. This led me on my journey in the blockchain world. During this journey I met many awesome people and got the opportunity to learn new skills that helped me develop into the person I am today.
How did you first hear about Mina? What attracted you to the project?

I first heard about the Mina Protocol through a friend in late 2019. I was always fascinated by zk-snark technology but there were rarely any projects working with it. Once my friend told me what Mina was doing I was very excited to learn more about the project. During this time I decided to open a community led group for Mina Protocol because I wanted to help teach more people about what Mina is doing and create a safe friendly learning environment for anyone that was interested.

Moody – Mina Protocol Telegram

The channel has been running for over 4 months now and we plan to keep it running for many years to come while growing our Mina Family.  The hardest part I would say is managing your time to be there for the community and giving the community your time and effort. Over time you form friendships in the community and it becomes a routine where you hop in and chat with your friends and see how everything is doing. Apart from that we have a great group of volunteers that help out moderate the chat in different time zones which is very refreshing.

What is the best thing about Mina?

When it comes to Mina there are many great things. The community, the people behind the Mina Foundation, the technology they’re working on and the vision they’re working on making a reality. But for me when it really comes down to what’s the best thing about Mina, I would go with their core values. Curiosity, Openness, Respect and Excellence. These are the 4 pillars of values when it comes to Mina’s core values. They help guide the community and what Mina really stands for and hopes to achieve in its quest to create an open sourced community for everyone. 
What other crypto coins do you hold?

My favorite coins in crypto are $BTC $ETH $BNB $MINA

Mina launched at a challenging time for Crypto, do you think this will be good or bad for the project long term?

It’s true that Mina has launched in a challenging time in crypto, with the current market conditions the future of crypto is unclear in the short term. Regardless of what many other people think, I personally feel that Mina despite the current circumstances, still managed to have a successful launch of I would say in terms of launching its testnet, mainnet and ICO. The future for Mina in my own opinion is very bright. They have a vibrant community, a great team and a unique position in terms of technology. This is why Mina is one of my favorite coins and I believe the project will accomplish great things in the future.
Where would you like to see the Mina Protocol project in 5 years time?

When it comes to Mina’s future, I would love to see them fulfill all the project’s exciting use cases and goals they have on their roadmap. I’m personally very excited to see Mina making it accessible for running full nodes on the mobile. The snapps feature is also a great invention of Mina, to combine Dapps with privacy, off chain-data and scalability. This is one of the most exciting features of Mina that I’ll be looking forward to!
And finally…..Are you actually moody? Where did the moody name come from? 

I do get this question a lot if I may say haha! Contrary to popular belief I’m actually not moody! I got that name when I was in middle school because my friends found it difficult to pronounce my real name correctly so they resorted to Moody. Since then the name grew on me and I’ve used it as an alias ever since.