$MINA short term technical analysis by Page Analysis

Page Analysis

It was interesting to see MINA take a dip in price today and as I looked around social media I noticed that this UK based Crypto Technical Analysers, Page Analysis had it pretty much spot on in terms of a Mina price correction.

Have a look at the graph below, the following was from a tweet posted today at 10:39 am this morning (wed 18th August). I thought it was worth publishing on the website and I will personally be looking at their analysis of MINA (and other cryptocurrencies) with interest in the future.

$MINA / $USDT – Short term correction for #MINA. Still LT (long term) bullish on this interesting project. However, the RSI divergence could trigger a move down (-15%). Additionally, our BTC target of $42K stands which will aid this retrace.

Page Analysis via Twitter Wed 18th August 2021 10:39 am

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Page Analysis is a small group of cryptocurrency traders based in the United Kingdom. We aim to educate users across the industry on price movements of various cryptocurrencies in a non-biased manner. Unlike most technical analysis groups, we are transparent, with no ulterior motives when providing our technical analysis.

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