Video: Mina Ecosystem Updates – Meeting #4 | September 3, 2021

Here is the latest Mina Ecosystem Updates – Meeting #4. Hosted by Christine Yip (@christinetyip), the event was recorded live via a Zoom meeting and as always there were some really exciting updates from some key members of the Mina Community. See below for more information on the speakers at this event.

You can skip to the relevant speakers using the timestamps below. The slides for this presentation are also available here.

(0:01) Welcome – Mina Foundation
(1:27) Core Protocol and Snapps – O(1) Labs
(3:20) Rust Implementation – Chainsafe
(5:20) Tooling// Delegation Program Uptime Tracker – Ontab
(10:40) Mina VRF-rs tool – Zero Knowledge Validator
(17:30 ) Community Website – MinaCrypto.com
(22:20) Q&A

There was also a chance for Pete from www.minacrypto.com to talk about some of the plans for this website including the upcoming Snapps Directory.

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