MINA Price Data W/C Mon 30th August

WEEKLY MINA PRICE CHART W/C Mon 30th August 2021

The week started fairly uneventfully with regards MINA’s price (as predicted by Page Analysis here) but on Wednesday the price took a big jump and was at one stage briefly $4.66 and cracked the lower reaches of the ‘Top 100 cryptocurrencies based on marketcap. This may have been a result of the Binance AMA and Evan’s appearance on a Chinese platform combined with other strong buying pressures. The price action settled down again for a few days, but as the weekend drew closer and combined with a strong upward momentum for BTC and especially ETH, Mina pushed forward again and is currently (Mon 6th September 2021 PM) trading comfortably above the $4 mark. With more events to come the signs are bullish for Mina in the short to mid term. Not financial advice, DYOR. NB: If you are looking at the data on a mobile phone you will need to use horizontal view.

DateOpenHighLowCloseVolumeMarket Cap
Sep 05, 2021$3.80$4.44$3.77$4.24$130,795,018$884,396,848
Sep 04, 2021$3.85$4.12$3.75$3.80$78,243,470$790,165,310
Sep 03, 2021$3.96$4.15$3.80$3.85$96,400,683$797,706,428
Sep 02, 2021$4.11$4.23$3.83$3.94$117,039,411$814,850,304
Sep 01, 2021$3.57$4.66$3.41$4.12$311,023,730$849,136,738
Aug 31, 2021$3.25$3.79$3.16$3.60$180,349,922$739,097,997
Aug 30, 2021$2.89$3.91$2.78$3.24$173,921,312$662,820,328


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