Video: Mina Monitor Introduction by Serhii Pimenov

You can read our Sep 21 interview with Serhii here >

One of the amazing things about the Mina Protocol Community is its diversity and connections right across the planet. Serhii Pimenov is a developer based in Kiev (Kyiv), Ukraine and he has created a new tool designed for the convenient monitoring of a Mina nodes.

Introducing Mina Monitor

Accoring to Serhii apart from being an expert developer he also likes to sit on the coach and drink beer, so he developed the Mina Monitor a client/server application for visually monitoring the Mina node to make his life easier.

The Mina Monitor as the name suggests allows you to monitor the node and it will also alert you to any problems. If the problem can’t be solved, if necessary it will restart the node automatically. As you can see from the video the UI is really nice and the application is sure to be popular with node operators looking for a way to easily manage a node without looking through all those pages of code.

Mina Monitor is written using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS and consists of two parts:
Server-side – this module collects information about node, monitors node health, and restarts node if needed (nb it must be running on the same server with Mina)
Client-side this module is for displaying the state of a node in the browser

Mina Monitor –…
Mina Cluster Client –…
Metro 4 –
ChartJS –
DatetimeJS –

This is Serghii’s first video in English so he has also created a transcript of the video HERE for anyone who is struggling with his English. NB It is much better than my Russian.

Click here to see the Mina Monitor in our Mina Community Directory >
For more information on running a node on Mina click here >

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