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Mina Foundation award Community Grants , plus a new ‘Community Spark Leaderboard’ & Mina Academy announcements

The latest Min Foundation Community spotlight event was full of news regarding both the Foundation and the Mina Community Ecosystem. In addition to the awarding of a $1.2million grant to =nil; Foundation to build a bridge between Mina & Ethereum, there was also news regarding both past and future community contributions. (Once the video is live we will post the full event).

Community Grants

The Foundation announced in a blog post that “Since Mainnet, existing and new members have been building tools, creating resources, starting community groups, amongst other activities, and the Mina Foundation will be awarding new grants to those whose contributions were critical to Mina’s growth and made an impact on the greater community in the last few months”. was delighted to be eligible for a special community grant for our work for our community website and for building the Mina Tools directory. Editor, Peter Greystoke commented on the news “We are very humbled to be recognised for our contributions to the Mina ecosystem and are really excited about the journey ahead.” Below you can see the top 10 contributors (view horizontally on your mobile), with information on their contribution. You can also view a list of all the community grant awardees here >

Discord IDContributionLink
Oltonnode operators dashboard, continuous updates and additional features
StakeTabMina’s first and only validator dashboard.
StakeTabBlock explorer with unique features
jrwashburndelegation payout scripts
Vince | TowerstakeUptime leaderboard, rewards calculator, epoch time calculator, etc.
minacrypto.comCommunity website with a tools directory
Moody’s teamVibrant and engaged community-led group. Results: regular voice chats, podsnark, polls, twitter account, community website, development group, etc.
Mina Community Members awarded the highest Community Grants Q3 2021

Community Spark Leaderboard

The Community Spark Leaderboard is a brilliant new idea from the Mina Foundation to engage the growing Mina Community by allowing them to take part in fun community challenges. According to this blog post Mina ecosysytem points will be awarded to participants who ‘support other community members to thrive through providing education, building tools, and creating resources to improve the user experience of members in our ecosystem’ (link to come very soon). The Foundation are clear to point out that “points are designed solely to track contributions to the Mina Community and Leaderboard Points have no cash or other monetary value.”

Mina Academy and Mina Achievements

Finally a new program connected to the Spark Leaderboard, the Mina Academy and Mina Achievements are pilot programs designed to help community members become leading lights in the Mina ecosystem either by leading a community project or using their skills to help other community members. There will be a chance to earn ‘badges’ for different levels of contributions in addition to pathways for members to become involved in a variety of activities, from designing with Mina to running meet-ups and more. All initiatives will be designed with a clear alignment with the values of the Mina Foundation.

The action is set to kick off in Mid Octobers, so fill in the form here…
Mina Academy and achievements sign up form >

Incidentally you can also read a Russian Language version of the announcements in this medium article >
Кстати, вы также можете прочитать русскоязычную версию анонсов в этой статье>

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