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Mina Foundation: Near Future Road Map

The Mina Foundation have always been keen to share their vision of the future, regularly setting out their plans and expectations for the Mina Protocol project in a structured and clear way.

This week the Foundation published an article entitled ‘Mina Protocol Product Priorities & Mina Foundation Mission’ detailing some of the important milestones coming up in the next 6 months and beyond. The ‘Product Priorities begin with ‘Snapps Testnet’ coming very soon, followed by ‘Snapps Hackathons and end after Quarter 2 of 2022 with ‘Non-Consensus Nodes’

It’s going to be really exciting to see these developments come to fruition and one thing is sure, you will be able to read all about them as they happen right here on www.minacrypto.com. The best way to stay up to date is to subscribe to our free email newsletter and get all the news delivered straight to your inbox.

Product Priorities

Snapps TestnetA Testnet open to community participation to test stability of Snapps and network.Q4-2021
Snapps HackathonEngage with developers and educate them to build with Snapps.Q4-2021
Improve Node StabilityMake node operation more stableStarting Q4- ongoing
Snapps on Mainnet*Enable basic use cases of Snapps on MainnetQ1-2022
Snapps Developer
Toolkit (SDK)
Provide the toolkit that the developers need to build on Mina. SnarkyJS.Q1-2022
Upgrade Infrastructure to support more networks running in parallel for Mina. Enable Community to run their own networks.Q1-2022
Bridge to Ethereum
One Way Mina > Etheruem
Enable Ethereum developers to access the Mina state on EVMQ1-2022
WebSnappsConnect real-world data to blockchain in the most trustless way possible, using HTTPSAfter Q2-2022
Non-consensus nodeBring access to web and mobile nodes without having to run a consensus node.After Q2-2022
*Snapps on Mainnet projected for Q1-2022 but timing may shift depending on the results of the Snapps Testnet
Product Priorites – Mina Protocol

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