Tech: Mina Monitor v2.0.2 released

Mina Monitor is a tool designed for the convenient monitoring of a Mina nodes. Built by Ukranian developer Serhii Pimenov on 6th November a new version, Mina Monitor v2.0.2 was released. The new release succeeds the previous versions.

What’s new in Mina Monitor Server:

+ [x] Server: added restart by long uptime with config parameter restartAfterUptime. The value must be defined in milliseconds or internal time string format . Default value is 0 (no restart)

+ [x] Server: added config parameter name. Now you can define a name for you node, if name is not define, Monitor will use a hostname + [x] Server: improvements for singing messages

+ [x] Server: command node index –init now updated config file if one exists

+ [x] Server: added config parameter comparison . The monitor can now compare the block height with other monitors.

+ [x] Server: added alert with rule COMPARE for alerting when node height is different from comparable nodes

+ [x] Server: changed algorithm for memory observing What’s new in Mina Monitor Cluster: + [x] Next block info updates only from synced nodes

+ [x] Fixed displaying cpu temp when no cores

+ [x] Added multi-currency support

+ [x] Fixed update rewards for new epoch

+ [x] Fixed displaying uptime position group places

There are only three simple steps to start the Mina Monitor:
1) Install (server, client or cluster) with a one-line command (server on Linux where Mina installed, client on Desktop where there is a browser, note we do not work with Safari)
2) In the directory where the Monitor was installed, enter the required values into the configuration file (config.json)
3) Go to the directory where you installed the Monitor and run the command npm start Before – Check if NodeJS version 14.0 or higher is installed!

One-line installers
Added install commands to install Mina Monitor Client and Mina Monitor Cluster on Windows (via PowerShell)

Mina Monitor –…
Mina Monitor Cluster –…
One-line installers –

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