Snapps: We need you!

Snapps are Apps built on Mina Protocol and they are coming soon. We want to build up a database on Mina Community members who would like to help push the project forward and if needed help to test and give feedback about Snapps to developers working on the world’s lightest (and best) blockchain.

If you would like to help

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Your privacy is essential and plays a key part in how Mina Protocol will be implemented in Snapps. As a result the information we need is just an email address. This address will be used only for communication regarding Snapps and we will never share your details with any Snapp developer without your explicit permission. You can email us at any time and we will remove your details from the list.

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3 thoughts on “Snapps: We need you!

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    FELIXTIP says:

    Крутая новость надеюсь скоро будет много запущено проектов на блокчейне Mina – Translated -Cool news, I hope there will be many projects launched on the Mina blockchain soon

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