MINA Price Data W/C Mon 3rd Jan 2022


2022 Started almost as dramatically as 2021 ended with the entire crypto market taking a dive and BTC heading to low and lower positions followed closely by everything else. Have we hit the bottom? It’s impossible to predict, but at times like these the projects that have the best fundamentals come out the other side strongest. Step forward Mina! If you are looking at the data on a mobile phone you will need to use horizontal view.

DateOpen    High    Low   Close  Volume          Market Cap
Jan 09, 2022$3.25$3.48$3.18$3.34$36,149,392$1,153,959,656
Jan 08, 2022$3.36$3.51$3.19$3.25$40,885,540$1,117,744,126
Jan 07, 2022$3.68$3.69$3.32$3.36$66,277,295$1,153,530,634
Jan 06, 2022$3.91$4.05$3.53$3.69$81,127,474$1,260,853,156
Jan 05, 2022$3.70$4.24$3.44$3.91$151,455,502$1,335,435,994
Jan 04, 2022$3.56$3.88$3.49$3.70$70,958,879$1,260,267,942
Jan 03, 2022$3.77$3.77$3.51$3.56$44,860,116$1,208,615,701


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