MINA Price Data W/C Mon 17th Jan 2022


If there is one thing that the last few days have taught us it that Bitcoin very much still rules the roost in the chicken run of crypto. No alt-coins escaped the dramatic vacuum caused by Bitcoin as it dropped from 43k on Friday and pretty much kept dropping all the way back to just under 33k on Monday. At the time writing Bitcoin is attempting a recovery, but it’s been trying the same thing and failing for the last 48 hours. In the long term Mina has amazing tech and a fantastic growing community that will ensure it continues to prosper, but for now a half glass full kind of person would see this period as a good time for further accumulation.

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DateOpen  HighLowClose VolumeMarket Cap
Jan 23, 2022$2.34$2.56$2.25$2.45$47,550,103$875,710,570
Jan 22, 2022$2.91$2.99$2.21$2.34$76,470,863$835,298,981
Jan 21, 2022$3.35$3.43$2.86$2.91$61,352,501$1,035,570,809
Jan 20, 2022$3.39$3.64$3.34$3.35$22,258,687$1,187,409,085
Jan 19, 2022$3.46$3.68$3.39$3.39$46,992,347$1,201,068,048
Jan 18, 2022$3.41$3.63$3.38$3.46$68,021,289$1,222,658,829
Jan 17, 2022$3.50$3.50$3.32$3.41$35,541,078$1,200,591,755


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