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Staketab – Mina Blockchain Explorer V5.0 update

Mina Protocol is fortunate to have a number of excellent blockchain explorers available to its community and there is also a new one coming soon (Minataur).

Today Staketab have announced a new version of their excellent Explorer and V5.0 contains over 30 new updates. The full info is below, you can visit the new Mina Explorer HERE and you can also read more about Staketab in our Mina Tools directory. Staketab are also one of Mina’s largest staking providers. You can visit their website here.

  • Improved analytics
  • Pending Transactions
  • Live Table Data
  • Over 30 new updates in total
Mina Blockchain Explorer by Staketab

Release Notes
New features:
– UI updated to version 5
– New analytics: more charts, more accurate historical data, improved display
– We’ve overhauled the validator and account detail pages to make the user experience even better
– Auto-updates: now the transaction table will be live and prompt about data updates
– Send transactions and track their status immediately: pending transactions are now displayed in general transaction lists
– Epoch widget now shows real-time slot changes
– New general charts: active block producers, validator pool and pool share of relative total supply, average block time
– New validator charts: latest blocks and updated old charts
– New account charts: incoming and outgoing transactions
– Mobile versions redesigned for new features and more convenience
– The price of Mina token is tracked
– The explorer has been rewritten almost from scratch in order to prepare for the growth of functionality and increasing the coverage of blockchain networks
– Updating data when changing epochs is much faster
– A number of improvements have been made to display historical data and loading tables
– Server capacity improved for quicker access
Future releases:
– Auto-update for transactions is currently unstable, we are working on improvements
– Staking history for accounts
– Snarks
– More analytics
– Updates to the rewards table and more

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