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Twitter: Mina Protocol’s David Wong ‘Real World Cryptography’, win one of five copies.

With so many new crypto projects launching every day it’s often easy to forget how ground-breaking and innovative Mina Protocol is.

The team working day on night to bring Snarkyjs and snapps (smart contract apps) for Mina Protocol are a talented bunch and over the coming months we are hoping to focus more closely on the work they are doing AND to get to know who they are a bit more.

David Wong is an important member of Mina Protocol’s crypto team working on the proof system, in addition to helping with snapps sometimes. He is also the author of ‘Real World Cryptography’, a fascinating book that reveals the cryptographic techniques that drive the security of web APIs, registering and logging in users, and even the blockchain. You can learn how these techniques power modern security, and how to apply them to your own projects. Alongside modern methods, the book also anticipates the future of cryptography, diving into emerging and cutting-edge advances such as cryptocurrencies, and post-quantum cryptography. All techniques are fully illustrated with diagrams and examples so you can easily see how to put them into practice. For more info on the book click below.

Here are some of the reviews….

“A staggeringly comprehensive review of the state of moderncryptography. Essential for anyone getting up to speed ininformation security.”—Thomas Doylend, Green Rocket Security

“Covers all the important parts of applied cryptography. A must-readfor every Java developer.”—Harald Kuhn, TurnFriendly

“An in-depth introduction to cryptography, covering hot topics likeblockchain and quantum computing.”—Gábor László Hajba, ProLion

“A best-in-category book that takes you all the way from curiousnovice to confident practitioner.”—William Rudenmalm, Creandum

Real World Cryptography

Right now we are giving 5 copies of David’s book away on Twitter. For more info see the tweet below and enter before the 31st March to be in the draw. Winners picked by David from all entries. Winners will be contacted via Twitter, so you will need to be following @minacryptocom.

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