StakewithJenni – Win: 1 of 2 Nano S’s by Ledger & Amazon gift card

31 July 22 – Please note this validator is not responding to communications and we do not recommend staking your Mina with them.

It’s always great when Mina Validators make a big effort to attract Mina Hodlers, its great for the community and also great for Mina’s mission to decentralisation. This month one Validator (stakewithjenni) is offering some cool prizes for anyone delegating their Mina to them (over certain amounts). All the info is in the tweet below – please note we do not endorse any particular validator, but we will always give coverage and support to teams that are actively promoting Mina. The promotion may be inspired by the unlocking of tokens given to the 663 Mina Genesis Founding Members who contributed so much to Mina at its beginnings and continue to do so.

The big question is will they decide to sell their Mina, stake it with an exchange (eg Binance), or support the community and use one of the many excellent Mina Protocol staking providers? With zkApps edging closer to Mainnet every day I know what I would do, but that is definitely not financial advice!

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