MINA Price Data W/C Mon 7th March 2022


I’m not sure what to say at the moment, except that when the whole crypto market is in decline the important thing is to keep faith with projects that have the biggest potential to change the playing field. As Mina dropped again this week there is a lot of FUD around, but when zkApps arrive on Mainnet the world could look a very different place indeed. 

If you are looking at the data on a mobile phone you will need to use horizontal view.

DateOpenHighLowCloseVolumeMarket Cap
Mar 13, 2022$1.71$1.72$1.62$1.64$34,522,174$678,164,077
Mar 12, 2022$1.75$1.77$1.71$1.71$39,017,182$707,225,723
Mar 11, 2022$1.80$1.84$1.74$1.75$35,652,792$702,154,145
Mar 10, 2022$1.90$1.91$1.77$1.80$31,733,688$719,811,196
Mar 09, 2022$1.82$1.97$1.82$1.90$46,598,778$757,576,816
Mar 08, 2022$1.84$1.90$1.81$1.82$35,676,183$724,644,381
Mar 07, 2022$1.92$1.94$1.81$1.84$39,083,140$729,431,059


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