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New Medium Post – 2022 Predictions: Zero-Knowledge Proofs Become Web3’s Killer Feature

Here’s an article that has just been published by Mina Foundation regarding Zero-Knowledge Proofs and their place in the future of Web3.

Here is a link to the full thing, but just to give you a taster it includes some great zkApp ideas such as

  • Allow for NFTs where each person can only own one NFT from a set
  • Allow tweet authors to generate NFTs from their tweets in a decentralized way
  • Lets users prove ownership of a subset of NFTs without revealing the particular ones they own
  • Generate a non-transferrable NFT to recognize real-world or digital achievements (ie; I am a major contributor to an open-source project)
  • Enable Twitter users to create DAOs for their followers
  • Unlock anonymized voting for DAOs
  • Connect existing financial data to crypto to help bootstrap DeFi

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Read the article 2022 Predictions: Zero-Knowledge Proofs Become Web3’s Killer Feature

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