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Delendum Ventures online panel with Izaak Meckler from O(1) Labs – Friday 15th July 9am PT (16:00 UTC)

Registration is now open for what promises to be a fascinating event this Friday hosted by Delendum Ventures centred around Zero Knowledge Proof’s (ZKP’s). In case you didn’t know ZKP’s are applied in various applications to improve scalability and privacy on the blockchain. In order to perform ZKP, a program needs to be structured as a zero-knowledge-proof friendly format, which introduces different compilers and composability requirements. They are also a big piece of the Mina Protocol jigsaw.

It’s a topic Izaak and the team at O(1) Labs are incredibly passionate about and in the upcoming session the panel will talk about the landscape of compilers and composability in ZKP.

Featuring Izaak Meckler from O(1) Labs and a panel of industry experts including @bobbinth (@0xPolygonMiden), @BrianRetford (@RiscZero) and Albert Rubio (UCM, #Circom, @identhree)

You can register for the FREE event HERE >
IF you can’t make it to the live event, hopefully a copy of the discussion will be available after, in which case we be certain to post it here.

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