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MINA Price Data 8th – 14th August 2022

WEEKLY MINA PRICE CHART 8th – 14th Aug 2022

It is definitely too early to say that the tide has turned significantly to the upside, but there have been promising signs of green shoots across the crypto market and $Mina has been following the trend well this week edging closer to the $1 mark before heading back to the low 90c’s over the weekend. 

NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!  NB: If you are reading this on a mobile, use sideways view to see all the table. 

DateOpen*HighLowClose**VolumeMarket Cap
Aug 14, 2022$0.9188$0.9393$0.8863$0.8903$19,291,636$563,484,052
Aug 13, 2022$0.9358$0.9515$0.9177$0.9187$18,869,345$579,691,560
Aug 12, 2022$0.9299$0.938$0.9056$0.9359$20,865,725$589,242,099
Aug 11, 2022$0.9743$0.9751$0.9233$0.9299$29,961,156$584,280,117
Aug 10, 2022$0.9567$0.9846$0.8974$0.9744$46,783,791$611,086,900
Aug 09, 2022$0.8969$0.9788$0.8836$0.9565$82,757,933$598,239,321
Aug 08, 2022$0.8568$0.9248$0.8517$0.8963$35,031,409$559,313,895


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