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Staketab Mina Explorer update – Version 5.4

Staketab have made a number of improvements to their Mina Explorer and the latest version (5.4) is their most comprehensive update yet.

The latest update includes:
– new clean UI
– awesome transaction details with confirmations
– new block details.
You can see Staketab’s Mina Explorer here https://mina.staketab.com/

Please note the information below is taken directly from Staketab’s reddit article >
Other Mina Explorers and data analysis tools are available, click here to see our Mina Ecosystem directory >

We made a big step towards explorer’s new UI design: light and clean.
This includes a lot of the interface changes: controls, tables, colors, headers and other visual elements.
The “Staking” dashboard
By popular demand from the community, we saw a need to increase the transparency of the transaction status tracking process for staking.
This page tracks delegations, their state and rewards earned during the delegation process.
To open this page go to Account Details > Staking:

To learn more about your rewards accrued for the selected transaction, click the details button and you will see the detailed report over each epoch in the corresponding period:

We also track those delegation from epoch 0 that have no transactions in the blockchain:

Here are some interesting links for you to test:

Block details
The new responsive slider in block details looks easier to use and even allows you to drag the next block you want to watch:

Awesome Transaction details
Complete new overhauled UI where you can find:
* Confirmation status (which is also auto-updated)
* Previous / Next transaction switcher
* User-friendly transaction details section

Confirmation blocks with transaction status:

Page Settings Saving
Now all page settings (tabs, filters, sorting, etc.) are saved in the link.
Share the link and be sure that it will be opened exactly as you viewed it.
Small changes
* Big charts in analytics improved
* Analytics page
Bug fixes
We always keep an eye on the overall performance. This time we have made more than 50 total improvements and glitch fixes.
Tooltips & help
We have changed almost all tooltips and references in the explorer. The context help is now a guide with which you can better understand how the Mina protocol works.

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