EthMexico – Pics, Prizes & Roundup – Mina Protocol

Some of the team from both O(1) Labs and the Mina Foundation were at ETHMexico last week and in addition to spending time talking to developers about the amazing capabilities of zkApps on Friday snarkyJS developer Jack Servia gave a talk on ‘Zero-Knowledge Programming with TypeScript’.

Mina Foundation were also sponsors in a hackathon that gave prizes to teams building the best zkApps over the two days. Here is some info on a couple of the zkApps that were built at the event.

Keyppi – A zero-knowledge private key recovery platform.
Winner Mina Protocol — Best Use

Keyppi is a zero-knowledge private key recovery platform. It secures your keys by implementing zero-knowledge proof, decentralized storage and identity verification using proof-of-personhood. For full info on the project click HERE. You can also see Keyppi on along with some other zkApps.

Zkredit – Mina Hackathon Winner
Mina ZkApp for secure, private and bias-free mortgage credit

The project uses Mina to create a ZkApp that checks certain data points about a user such as their credit score and their average monthly income over the last two years to facilitate mortgage extensions without having to expose other data points, thus increasing personal privacy throughout the process. For full info click HERE. You can also see zkredit on along with some other zkApps.

Many thanks to Will Cove for the pics.

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