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MINA Price Data 22nd- 28th August 2022

WEEKLY MINA PRICE CHART 22nd – 28th Aug 2022

Well, what can you say? As soon as it looks like the tide has turned to the upside (I’m talking metaphorically of course) then the opposite happens and the prices tumble again. It was only last week when we were looking at reclaiming the $1 mark and as the new week began that seemed a long way away again. Is this an ideal buying opportunity? It’s not for me to say, but with the ETH merge on the way and more positive news (hopefully) coming soon, can they get much lower? 

NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!  NB: If you are reading this on a mobile, use sideways view to see all the table. 

DateOpenHighLowCloseVolumeMarket Cap
Aug 28, 2022$0.6618$0.675$0.645$0.645$10,915,757$421,199,168
Aug 27, 2022$0.6532$0.6687$0.6448$0.6619$13,972,454$430,996,305
Aug 26, 2022$0.7235$0.7289$0.6491$0.6531$19,727,870$424,285,206
Aug 25, 2022$0.7254$0.7436$0.7195$0.7236$11,588,504$469,175,883
Aug 24, 2022$0.7309$0.7434$0.7148$0.7253$13,633,144$469,452,697
Aug 23, 2022$0.7229$0.7389$0.6988$0.731$17,749,726$471,836,180
Aug 22, 2022$0.7273$0.7297$0.6868$0.7228$15,351,846$465,678,816


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