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Medium Article by Colluding Node ‘Mina — Beyond “Single-Player” Contracts’

It is always exciting to hear about the way Mina Protocol could expand its interoperability with other Blockchains and utilise its lightweight and zero-knowledge capabilities in the future, so I thought it was worthwhile sharing a link to this excellent article by Colluding Node entitled ‘Mina — Beyond “Single-Player” Contracts‘.

The article sets out to show some possible ways that Mina could be used as a base layer, while other methods are used for all the heavy lifting. The three main proposals are….

  • Option 1: Ignore Data Availability and build Validiums
  • Option 2: Use Another Data Availability Layer, e.g Celestia
  • Option 3: Build a Mina Protocol Data Availability Layer

I don’t want to give away everything in the article, so click HERE to view.

All three potential ideas have plus and minus points but as Blockchains become more and more connected and the zkBridge draws ever closer, there are certainly amazing opportunities for Mina Protocol in the future.

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