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MINA Price Data 10th Oct – 16th Oct 2022

WEEKLY MINA PRICE CHART 10th – 16th Oct 2022

It would be a brave person to say that the crypto market has bottomed out, but in the last few weeks the relative lack of price action in either direction could be a suggestion that things are stabilising. Overall Mina was slightly down on the week, but in light of recent crypto movements this could almost be seen as a positive. NB If you are reading this on a mobile you will need to change to horizontal view. 

DateOpen*HighLowClose**VolumeMarket Cap
Oct 16, 2022$0.5325$0.5489$0.5324$0.5453$6,093,640$387,212,609
Oct 15, 2022$0.5277$0.5401$0.5269$0.5326$6,242,757$377,381,562
Oct 14, 2022$0.5358$0.5501$0.5244$0.5277$7,951,465$373,412,701
Oct 13, 2022$0.5554$0.5555$0.505$0.5357$13,841,685$378,523,472
Oct 12, 2022$0.5539$0.5633$0.5511$0.5554$6,953,581$391,995,769
Oct 11, 2022$0.5725$0.5725$0.5516$0.5537$8,719,217$389,981,826
Oct 10, 2022$0.5852$0.5891$0.5725$0.5725$6,527,243$402,640,055


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