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MINA Price Data 24th Oct – 30th Oct 2022

WEEKLY MINA PRICE CHART 24th – 30th Oct 2022

Wow! Whatever the reason for it, Mina has started to show signs of life again, after what has been a fairly uneventful month or so price wise. Whether people were equating Mina Board member, Tess Rinearson’s job at Twitter combined with the Elon Musk takeover being completed I am not sure, but from a low of under 50c, things seem to heading in the right direction for the world’s lightest blockchain.

DateOpenHighLowCloseVolumeMarket Cap
Oct 30, 2022$0.7161$0.7344$0.6684$0.6936$45,709,819$503,001,853
Oct 29, 2022$0.6317$0.7869$0.6312$0.7159$153,341,265$518,370,192
Oct 28, 2022$0.6036$0.6475$0.59$0.6317$22,812,052$456,683,713
Oct 27, 2022$0.6129$0.6627$0.5985$0.6034$33,767,800$435,586,457
Oct 26, 2022$0.5566$0.6229$0.5555$0.6131$30,364,337$441,949,220
Oct 25, 2022$0.5309$0.5787$0.5268$0.5568$21,679,166$400,694,533
Oct 24, 2022$0.5446$0.546$0.5236$0.531$9,748,866$381,508,535


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