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MinaScan: Blockchain explorer for Berkeley Testnet by Staketab

There are a number of incredible development teams in the Mina Protocol Ecosystem, you can find all of them in our directory HERE. Among them is Staketab, in addition to being a trusted MINA node operator and Validator when it comes to utilising the Mina data they also run an excellent Mina Mainnet Explorer.

The news today is that Staketab have now launched MinaScan, a blockchain explorer for Berkeley Testnet with information on the growing number of zkApps being deployed. You can find full details of the release HERE, this will replace their existing Explorer for Mina.

(Release 6.0) Minascan + Mina ZK on Berkeley by Staketab Team

Explorer name and domain changed
Mina explorer has come a long way since StakeTab launched their validator dashboard. Now meet Minascan. https://mina.staketab.com → https://minascan.io

Berkeley & Hardfork
From now on, Staketab will mainly support the Berkeley network in updates, until a hard fork. Afterwards, all the new features of the explorer from the Berkeley network will be available on the mainnet.

New features
Switch to Berkeley to see new features. Introducing the highlighting of pages with updates.

zkApp Transactions

zkApp Transaction Details

Supporting the convenience of viewing transaction details as a key functionality of the Mina blockchain, and for the convenience of zkApp development. Developer feedback is highly welcome @Staketab

Balance Change in Transaction Details

Raw Data for Transaction Details

zkApp on Account Details

New columns in Block list

Visit Explorer: https://minascan.io

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