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MINA Price Data 14th Nov – 20th Nov 2022

WEEKLY MINA PRICE CHART 14th – 20th Nov 2022

If feels like Groundhog day ATM in crypto. One step forward followed by two (or three steps back). After some upward movement early last week, $MINA is roughly back around to where it was seven days ago. The good news is that there’s a lot of activity happening behind the scenes at O(1) Labs and the Mina Foundation, watch this space! Please turn this page to landscape views if you are looking on a mobile.

DateOpenHighLowCloseVolumeMarket Cap
Nov 20, 2022$0.5738$0.5738$0.53$0.5302$18,178,871$396,403,618
Nov 19, 2022$0.5578$0.5809$0.5464$0.5737$17,747,322$428,381,956
Nov 18, 2022$0.5568$0.5684$0.5493$0.5578$9,196,584$415,846,055
Nov 17, 2022$0.5698$0.5758$0.5514$0.5568$9,385,617$414,559,469
Nov 16, 2022$0.5637$0.5772$0.5461$0.5698$11,143,632$423,591,666
Nov 15, 2022$0.5317$0.6078$0.531$0.5637$25,320,068$418,464,922
Nov 14, 2022$0.5328$0.5514$0.5058$0.5318$18,232,158$394,198,636


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