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zkIgnite – $250K MINA prize pool: Build, Test & Deploy zkApps on Mina Protocol (testnet)

There’s still time to join the new zkIgnite, Cohort O, but don’t hang around, stage one (or actually stage 0) ends in two weeks on December the 15th. Entrants can complete tutorials based around snarkyJS and potentially win rewards from a $250k MINA prize pool. Last week the code was downloaded over several thousand times and the Mina Discord channel has been a hive of activity from developers and team members working together, buidling and stress testing the code and learning the huge potential zkApps can provide in many real-life use case situations.

Click here to sign up to join zkIgnite, Cohort 0 


  • The first 1000 people who complete zkApp Tutorial 4 and makes a submission will be eligible to each receive 50 MINA
  • All high-quality zkApps submitted will be eligible to receive 5K MINA 
  • Plus there will be 3 top prizes:
    • 1st prize: 20K MINA
    • 2nd prize: 12K MINA
    • 3rd prize: 8K MINA
  • Bonus: Build an oracle that pulls on-chain data for zkApp usage and receive 1 – 1.5K MINA

For the full information on zkIgnite click HERE

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