Welcome to minacrypto.com, a community based website with the aim of becoming the ultimate source of information  and news on the world’s lightest (and best) blockchain, Mina Protocol.

Whether you are a developer hoping to build zkApps onto Mina or someone interested in the project and looking to find out more on things such as running a node, storing Mina on a wallet, or the best places to stake we hope to have all the information you need.  When this website was created we made a conscious decision to maintain the same high standards that are upheld by the Mina Foundation. As a result we put together a charter that defines our goals and conduct. See below. 

By working together we can help Mina Protocol to become a leading light in the world of cryptocurrency and beyond.

www.minacrypto.com – A Statement of Intent

Positivity / Honesty & Transparency / Privacy / Community

1: Positivity

We will always promote and talk honestly about all aspects of Mina Protocol and its use cases. We will also seek to give an objective perceptive on the project, including highlighting any problems or concerns we or the Mina Protocol community may have.

2: Honesty & Transparency

We are not qualified financial advisors and all content on this website is based on the opinion of that particular person. You should always do your own research before deciding to invest in Crypto and many people lose money. Retweets or Youtube articles are not endorsements of the content or links. We recommend you take independent financial advice before investing. Please be careful who you send money or crypto too, there are a lot of scammers around!

3: Privacy

We won’t share your data with anyone. If you sign up to the newsletter or fill in a survey we will always respect your privacy and keep your info confidential. We hate spam too. It will always be easy for you to unsubscribe and have your info removed from our database.

4 Community

By building bridges across the different Mina Communities we aspire to grow all aspects of the Mina Protocol project and contribute to its long term success. We also hope to build a good dialogue between the Mina Foundation and the Mina Community #minapioneers in order to allow the Community to have an active role in the future of the project.

If you wish to get in touch for any reason just email info@minacrypto.com. Or if you would like to receive news alerts as soon as they happen, enter your email address in the box in the footer of this page. You can also follow on Twitter @minacryptocom & Discord flushthefashion#5369.

In order to support all members of the Mina Protocol Ecosystem this website is 100% independent from sponsorship.