Mina Foundation

There is currently a lot of activity happening at o(1) Labs and many of the team are in the process of officially making the switch over to the Mina Foundation. Expect this page to change and more faces to be added in the coming weeks.

In the meantime if you would like to see many of the HUGE amount of people involved from in the project, take a look at the official Mina Protocol website HERE.

We also have a page on the website showing the current job vacancies at the Mina Foundation

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Evan Shaprio
CEO Mina Foundation (from Aug1)

Evan graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a BS in computer science. He then obtained his research MS while working in the CMU Personal Robotics Lab, where he did research for the HERB robotics platform. He has also worked as a software engineer for Mozilla.

Christine Yip
Community Manager

Christine is an early contributor in the community with broad experience in multidisciplinary engineering teams. She previously worked for global firms in the US, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Hong Kong. She believes that we can take more ownership of our lives than ever before by using blockchain technology. 

Joon Kim
General Counsel

Prior to joining O(1) Labs, Joon Kim served as the general counsel of Terra, which is a blockchain technology company focused on algorithmic stablecoins with primary operations in Asia. Before that, he was Vice President and Associate General Counsel at Lightyear Capital, a private equity firm based in New York City..

Izaak Meckler
CTO, O(1) Labs

Izaak Meckler is a mathematician and computer scientist. Most recently, he was a PhD student studying cryptography at UC Berkeley. Prior to that, he worked as a software engineer at trading firm Jane Street, and has contributed to numerous open source projects including the Elm compiler.

Sherry Lin
Marketing Manager

Sherry is a marketing and communications professional who enjoys telling stories that resonate. Her previous experiences have been in the hardware (semiconductor) space, but she is really interested in how blockchain can solve problems by disrupting the status quo. She is excited to work on developing blockchain technology that will open up more opportunities to more people. Sherry holds a BA in Communications/International Studies from Northwestern University.

Andrea Rodriguez
Marketing Coordinator

Andrea graduated from the University of Florida with a Master in International Business and a BS in Marketing and minor in Innovation. She then went on to work as marketing manager for a technology-based golf venue, Topgolf. During her time at Topgolf she began to grow an interest in blockchain technologies as she helped her family grow their crypto mining project based in her hometown, Caracas, Venezuela.

Natasha Carter
Communications Manager

Natasha was born and raised in Northern England, and previously worked in the UK media and journalism industry for almost a decade. She is deeply interested in blockchain and the future of fintech, and has a passion for novels and 90s house.

Kate El-Bizri
Visual Designer

I love to explore how creating an emotional connection between people and technology can engage our minds, and here, design has a unique opportunity to enhance understanding and encourage participation in this cutting-edge technology.

coming soon

We will be adding more Mina Foundation employees, team members from (o)1 Labs and more important contributors to the Mina Ecosystem in the near future. Watch this space….