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Everstake is a team of experienced blockchain enthusiasts and developers, who are constantly working to guarantee blockchains’ security. Furthermore, Everstake is in the TOP biggest staking as a service platforms worldwide. We have a huge experience in validating, more than 4 years.

Everstake actively participates as a validator in 45+ blockchains that includes Cosmos, Polkadot, Icon, Solana, Cardano, Near, Mina, Tezos, EOS,  Elrond and much more. More than 365,000 stakers have already trusted us and we’ve accepted over $4,500,000,000 in digital assets as a stake.

Our dedicated blockchain team, which consists of DevOps and Blockchain manager, is monitoring the network 24/7 that’s why we demonstrate in all our blockchains the average of 99.99% of uptime and this guarantees that our delegators don’t miss the rewards!

On our website you will find a comprehensive info about our staking provider and about Mina. From detailed staking guides to zk-SNARKs explanation.

Everstake Block Producer details
Rewards frequency 1/epoch
Fee 5%


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