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Mina Explorer – Blockchain Data

(29 Mina Community Reviews)

Mina Explorer was the first Mina blockchain explorer. It has a comprehensive range of features and was developed by Gareth Davies, a leading light in the Mina Developer Community. The same team are responsible for a number of excellent analytic tools for Mina (REST API And GRAPHQL API) in addition to running their own Staking pool.

Mina Explorer lookup Functions
Blocks: Blocks & Non-canonical Blocks
Accounts: Transactions / Pending transactions / Transaction mempool / Fees / Broadcast transaction / Broadcast delegation / Broadcast from Ledger
Snarks: SNARK fees / SNARK producers / Snarketplace
Staking: Current epoch staking ledger / Next epoch staking ledger / Top epoch stakers / Staking pool
Tokens / GraphQL API / REST API /Devnet Testnet
discord: garethtdavies#4963

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