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Mina Monitor Cluster – Multi-nodes Mina Monitor Client.
Cluster is an extended graphical version of the mina client status command with additional indicators. The Monitor shows a Mina network status and health of mina nodes.

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Key Features

– Display of the main indicators of the Mina network (Block height, uptime, epoch and slot info)
– Displaying the status of the node daemon (SYNCED, CATCHUP, BOOTSTRAP, …)
– Displaying the health of node (OK, Fork, Hanging)
– Displaying the server resources consumed by the node (CPU, RAM, NETWORK)
– Displaying the balance of the specified address and the value of this balance in different currencies
– Displaying information about delegations to the specified validator address
– Displaying information about blocks won and rewards received in the current era
– Displays general information about the site server
– Convenient live graphs for displaying consumed resources
– Responsive interface (It is comfortable to look at both PC and phone and tablet)
– Displaying the status of several nodes on one page
– Displaying additional info from Mina Explorer
– last canonical block, block height
– Indicates is Nodes height is a different from Mina Explorer

Twitter: @serhii_pimenov
Github Link: https://github.com/olton/mina-monitor-cluster

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