Due to the winding down of the Mina Protocol Community grants program Jan 2023, this website is no longer updated. Please follow @minacryptocom for the latest news.

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Pathrocknetwork – Staking & Community 

Tooling Directory Founding Member ⭐

Pathrocknetwork is an individual validator, collator, node runner, teacher, crypto enthusiast and a big supporter of decentralization, supporting a variety of different protocols with the aim of offering secure non-custodial staking opportunities.

Furthermore we have been running Mina block producers since the beginning of the testnets and now on mainnet, helping to decentralize and securing the network. We also run the German telegram group and actively support and help the community members. https://t.me/mina_dach

Patrick Hofmeister is also a founding member of the DOT Validator Alliance whose aim is to help to decentralize Polkadot network and push small validators forward and part of the Millenniumclub (MCLB), a community that helps and supports each other in all-things-crypto.

Website: www.pathrocknetwork.org
Email: pathrock@protonmail.com
Discord: paddyson#5479
Telegram: @pathrock

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