Due to the winding down of the Mina Protocol Community grants program Jan 2023, this website is no longer updated. Please follow @minacryptocom for the latest news.

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Stake Mina – Staking

Tooling Directory Founding Member ⭐

Stake Mina is a long established and trusted staking provider. The current commission fee (sep 21) is 5%. Block producers will be selected at random by stake-weight and will receive the entirety of the block rewards and transaction fees. Delegators will receive a pro-rata portion after commission fees have been deducted. Rewards are distributed at the end of each epoch (i.e every 14 days and 21 hours).

• Trusted by Genesis Founding Members.
• Personal onboarding and support.
• Member in the community since 2018, participated in the first testnets
• Stake Mina holds a Mina Foundation and O(1) Labs Delegation
• Stake Mina holds a Genesis Founding Member and a Technical Community Ambassador grant
• All payouts are made offline and once per epoch (~ each 2 weeks)
• Committed for the long-term

Discord: gnosed#4751 on Mina Protocol Discord server

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