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Staketab – Staking & Analytics Tools

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Staketab is a staking provider that champions credibility, individual approach and immediate expansion of new cryptos offered by the market. We’ve been in cryptocurrency since 2016. Our team members have experience in staking, nodes configuring, ICO analysis, block explorers and crypto analytics tools development and many other fields in crypto.

We have own:
– development team
– UI/UX design team
– research & analytics team
– technical writing team.

We are heavily cooperating with blockchain development teams, keeping in touch with our colleagues from staking world, contributing into ecosystems of each project we are collaborating with.

Working with some projects, at the moment we are developing a Explorer/Dashboard of validators for Mina.

Mina Explorer/Dashboard: https://mina.staketab.com
Staking service: https://staketab.com
Partnership page: https://staketab.com/partnership
Staketab github: https://github.com/Staketab
Email: support@staketab.com
Discord channel: invite/6QUayW3ykD
Discord nicknames: @Ducca | StakeTab#5707, @Vitality#2788

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