Due to the winding down of the Mina Protocol Community grants program Jan 2023, this website is no longer updated. Please follow @minacryptocom for the latest news.

StakeYourMina – Staking & Analytics Tools

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Why choose us?
• Ranked in TOP 25 among 3500+ participants in MINA Adversial test-net overall and TOP 4th in SNARKS leaderboard.
• Received grant for MINA’s Genesis founding member and Adversial testnet snarks challenge.
• Our fee is very competitive with the industry standards, flat 1%.
• Due to our multi-server setup, we always maintain a higher up-time.

We process rewards, usually at the end of each epoch (approximately every 14 days). We can also process ‘On request’ distributions. You can un-delegate your Mina at any time. Please remember that you have to wait for 2 epochs before the new delegation changes are reflected.

For more info
Discord: Dheeraj#4146 in Mina official server
Telegram: @dheeraj_02

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