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Towerstake – Various Mina Tools

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Towerstake are a small group of seasoned professionals with extensive expertise in system administration, network security, APIs, web development and marketing. They have created a number of excellent data analysis tools for Mina Protocol and they are also a large staking provider (more info coming soon).

Their aim is to establish themselves as a trusted partner for those looking to participate in the Mina ecosystem and contribute to its further development. They are also looking to raise the awareness of French entrepreneurs for Zero-Knowledge Proof and light blockchain technologies.

(Better) Mina Uptime Leaderboard
An enhanced version of the Mina Protocol Mina Uptime Leaderboard with additional features.

Block Producer Rewards Calculator
A tool to calculate an expected return from running a validator node on Mina Protocol.

Delegator Rewards Calculator
This is a tool to calculate an expected return from delegating your MINA tokens to a validator node. This version of the calculator works with supercharged rewards.

Mina Time Machine
How long is an epoch? This tool will help you convert time to an epoch on Mina Protocol. Or the other way around. You can also find details about ledger hash, start and end date for a given epoch.

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