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Wokey – Wallet

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Wokey wallet is a non custodial mobile wallet developed by Wokey Labs. Wokey wallet allows you to create offline cold wallets on your phone, you can use that to send your transactions via QR code, and easily delegate your Mina Tokens with a friendly user interface.

Wokey Labs is currently working on developing and improving the Wokey Wallet. New updates will include better android and iOS support.  Wokey Labs is also exploring Biometric technology to improve the wallet user experience, exploring the implementation of a snapp browser, and more general improvements to the mobile wallet experience associated with staking.

The main features currently implemented by Wokey Wallet are:
1. Support mnemonics, private keys or node keystore files to import wallets.
2. Display more delegation information and validator information.
3. Support address book and message signature.
4. Support watch mode, and support offline cold wallets (using an idle mobile phone to keep offline can also obtain hardware wallet level security).
5. When the transfer is less than 1 mina, it can identify whether the other party is an inactive account and give a reminder to avoid the transaction failure.
For more info please visit https://www.wokey.io
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